Making Digital Participation Inclusive 🇬🇧

In the past decade, and particularly during the COVID-19 pandemic, it has become increasingly common to engage people in government and other institutional decision-making via the internet (in contrast to in-person meetings). Digital platforms offer many advantages, and there are a growing number from which to choose. But they also pose some disadvantages. Without the […]

An experiment in scale 🇬🇧

Over the past few years, as a NGO in China, Participation Center has been working to promote democracy through digital approaches, ensuring people’s rights to shape cities, as well as accountability towards local government. In the meanwhile, as diversified local realities lead to various innovative measures in different cities, it is worth sharing some of […]

Index digitale politische Partizipation (DigiPartIndex)🇬🇧

Der DigiPartIndex erfasst, welche Möglichkeiten Schweizer Bürger*innen haben, um in den Kantonen mit digitalen Tools an der Demokratie teilzunehmen. Procivis plant, diesen Index weltweit zu verbreiten und sucht nach interessierten Partnern in Deutschland und anderswo. In diesem interaktiven Workshop wird es in einem ersten Teil darum gehen, was ein sozialwissenschaftlicher Index überhaupt ist, wie das […]

Lessons for Europe 🇬🇧

Over the past decade, Taiwan has developed into one of the most innovative participatory democracies on the planet, particularly through the use of digital tools. How did Taiwan get there? How does participation in Taiwan work, what makes it so successful and what can other countries, particularly in Europe, learn from it?This session will discuss […]

From one off projects to systematic participation 🇬🇧

In the past five years, Czech Republic has seen a great development in the number and complexity of participation approaches and digital tools. Now, as Czech and Slovak practitioners are slowly moving towards creating more systematic participation, the best practices in the use of digital tools in the Czech Republic and the typical challenges and […]

The mix makes the difference 🇬🇧

This workshop investigates 6 different use cases how online and offline participation formats can complement each other. Participants will discuss the advantages and limitations of each and share their own experiences. Local governments are experimenting more and more with hybrid participation formats to take advantage of the benefits of digital participation while considering the challenges […]

From mini publics to maxi publics 🇬🇧

Throughout the Covid-19 pandemic, the Deliberative Wave has taken a digital turn: public authorities increasingly transfer high-quality deliberation formats online, be it citizen assemblies, panels, or councils. However, most digital deliberation processes still only involve small groups of participants. How can we scale-up high-quality deliberation formats using digital tools? What can we learn from global […]