An experiment in scale ­čçČ­čçž

Will digital democracy in China facilitate deliberative democracy and social justice?Link zur Session

Over the past few years, as a NGO in China, Participation Center has been working to promote democracy through digital approaches, ensuring peopleÔÇÖs rights to shape cities, as well as accountability towards local government. In the meanwhile, as diversified local realities lead to various innovative measures in different cities, it is worth sharing some of the best practices with international societies. In D┬│ congress, we'll collaborate with scholars from a renowned Universities to present 3 topics regarding digital tools, online deliberation and evaluation.

During D┬│ congress, Participation Center will be sharing the digital tool they developed to digitalize the budgeting cycle of Chengdu participatory budgeting, including it's mechanism, results and impact upon peopleÔÇÖs lives and local public policy. We will collaborate with scholars from Tsinghua University and University of Zurich to present two other topics, discussing online deliberation quality and digital deliberation in other cities of China. We will process our presentation in the format of a workshop, using online methods such as slides, digital whiteboard and group discussions where weÔÇÖll be facilitators to discuss our topic in a deeper way.


Ray Liu (Participation Center)

Session-Partner: Social Equity and Participation Center, China
Di 15:00 - 15:45
80 max
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