Rebuilding Ukraine ­čçČ­čçž

How digital participation can shape the country┬┤s future

Amidst ongoing warfare, Ukraine continues its commitment to digitalisation. We discuss how this, combined with the strong momentum to defend and strengthen the country's democracy, creates a real chance for digital participation to play a strong role in the country's future.

One example of digital participation in Ukraine is the Kyiv Digital app, enabling residents to access city services, be warned about airstrikes and, in the same app, engage in e-democracy through the app's successful e-petition feature. We discuss with representatives from the city of Kyiv, the Ukrainian parliament and civil society in Ukraine how they see the role of digital democracy in rebuilding the country and in maintaining and strengthening a democratic culture even throughout an ongoing war.

Interactivity: Frontal format in which participants can ask questions

Requirements: No previous experience required of the participants

Speaker: Petro Olenych, Victoria Itskovych, Anna Iemelianova and Laura Giesen

Session-Partner: Democracy Technologies

Democracy Technologies
Mi 15:30 - 16:30
100 max
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