The mix makes the difference ­čçČ­čçž

Getting the best out of online and offline participation formatsLink zur Session

This workshop investigates 6 different use cases how online and offline participation formats can complement each other. Participants will discuss the advantages and limitations of each and share their own experiences.

Local governments are experimenting more and more with hybrid participation formats to take advantage of the benefits of digital participation while considering the challenges of the digital divide. D├ęcider ensemble identified 6 use cases how online and offline formats can be combined (hybrid meeting, online consultation followed by a citizen assembly etc.). This workshop aims to present these use cases and discuss their advantages and limitations. Participants will be invited to reflect on these use cases and share best practices in breakout sessions.


Katharina Z├╝gel (Co-director D├ęcider Ensemble)

Clara Caubet (communications manager D├ęcider Ensemble)

Session-Partner: D├ęcider ensemble
Di 17:00 - 17:45
100 max
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